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Prime Property Portal, Property, solves long standing issue


February 01, 2020

Gibraltar’s property market has boomed over the past few decades. With many new developments and increasing interest from property investors, house buyers and people looking for rental accommodation, there has been a commensurate growth in the number of estate agents and other secondary businesses supporting the property market. People looking for property, both residential and commercial, had been faced with a bewildering array of adverts, promotional material, websites and agents clamouring for attention. To add to the confusion, it is common practice in Gibraltar for numerous agencies to advertise the same property at the same time.


“When we first set up the Property portal there were quite a number of estate agents operating in Gibraltar,” Project Manager, Ezekiel Diaz, told us, “and from watching the market carefully, it was clearly an issue to the community of property buyers or those looking for rental accommodation or office space to go from website to website and discovering that their search criteria was finding the same property over and over again on different sites. They were duplicating their efforts and one thing people really do value, is their time.” To start to solve this problem, Property created an online portal where all the agencies could set up their virtual shop windows. This solved an immediate problem for the prospective customer and the appeal of the portal quickly gained traction, with estate agencies eager to have a position on the site.


Over the years the site has grown in popularity, however, the main issue with the portal has always been that there are duplicate properties listed by various agents. This means that a person searching for a 3 bedroom apartment in a specific location may see 50 properties, of which 35 are duplicates. The team set out on the difficult task of developing a system that could solve this problem. With the help of the LPS address registry and some clever coding the issue was finally resolved. Now estate agents use a unique matching system to link properties so that the portal has a much more realistic number of properties available. Properties that are listed by more than one agent are now displayed as a single multi-agent property. This still allows for the visitor to select which agent(s) they wish to register their interest with, but stops the duplication. This, coupled with a brand new look, which is optimised for mobiles and tablets, plus some new features mean that the new site is already a great success.


Property has been going from strength to strength over the past few years with powerful statistics to prove it. The portal has essentially created a highly complex system to bring close together service provider and the service user. “The new design is more functional and makes finding properties a much better experience for the customer,” Ezekiel added, “there are easy links to social media, tools such as stamp duty calculators and a whole range of useful information that is kept up to date and ensures that customers can make as informed a choice as possible.”


It is this attention to detail drawn from a deep understanding of customer needs and the value derived from providing neat solutions to problems that gives Property the edge that has put them at the pinnacle of property search systems in Gibraltar. “We focus on finding solutions to this very specialist set of service providers in a specific market,” Ezekiel explained when we discussed Property’s overall vision, “we work closely with local estate agents to build a system that works for everyone.”


Because of its prime position, Property is now “the best platform for a property-related business to advertise in,” as Ezekiel put it, value-adding uppermost in his mind, “but most importantly, it is the best place for a customer to find a property to rent or buy.”

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